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I am Adama Ndjol Kouyaté, a knowledge broker, a strategic advisor and a transformational coach. I am the founder of AnKOR Advisors LLC and Farafina Consulting; two management consulting companies respectively based in New York and Morocco. Our offerings are two folds: a) Management consulting services
and b) Transformational Coaching. We provide advisory services to business leaders in the areas of business development, impact investing, financial inclusion, and operations’ structuring via finance, administrative and IT infrastructures set up. I also work closely with individuals and organizations as a transformational coach focusing on enabling self-actualization by “being” rather than “doing”.

I have 15+ years of senior executive experience as a finance and operations expert in the private and not for profit sectors. I began working in the US and oversaw philanthropic programs in Africa, United States, Europe and Asia. I worked for renowned philanthropic and international organizations such as The Rockefeller Foundation, Touch Foundation, The African Development Bank, Trust Africa, FXB International, to name a few. Later, I branched out to the private sector and led a senior level position with a major global player in the phosphate market, a Moroccan public-private company, L’Office Cherifien de Phosphate (OCP).

I am skilled at delivering results in multiple languages (five African languages, English and French), contexts, and cultures. A great communicator, I have managed complex initiatives in the private sector, with donors, boards of directors, diplomatic communities, and government officials.

I hold a Master of Public Administration from New York University (NYU), a Bachelor of Business Administration from The Bernard M. Baruch College, a Coaching Certification from Team Coaching International, California, and I am a PhD candidate in international business at the International School of Management (ISM) in Paris, France (all but dissertation).


Sector Experience

  • Arts & Culture
  • Finance



  • Business Management and Administration
  • Business Leadership


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