As we celebrate Computer Science Education Week, it is important that we strive to make coding accessible to all people. 
At TechQuest STEM Academy, we join millions of people around the world in celebrating Computer Science Week by teaching coding and inspiring students to take interest in computer science. We are helping more people follow their dreams.
We have had over 650 young people participate in our programs across Kaduna and Anambra state in Nigeria
More of our participants are girls, which shows that It’s not that girls aren’t excited about coding or computer science, we just need to give them more entry points to it.
Thank you to the community members for showing up and showing out so far! Our community support amplifies our reach and impact.
It has been an exciting week so far, All the students worked on programming activities together and celebrated successes and discoveries.
Kudos and thanks to @google for pulling off such a great opportunity for young ones to learn computer science.
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