TechQuest Courses


Collaborative Tools for Older People

Are you a senior individual looking to understand technology tools better? TechQuest is here for you with the Collaborative Tools course. 

Summer Camp '22

Our Summer Camp is a yearly skill acquisition program to improve the digital capabilities of kids and young adults during the summer and impart them with practical and ICT skills.

User Experience/ User Interface (UX/UI)

How the end user interacts with the product can make or break your brand. Upskill yourself now with skills in user and product research, as well as interface design for digital products.

Digital Marketing

Take charge of your business with our digital marketing course at our co-learning space. You get to learn in groups, how to push out products and brands in this digital space.

Collaborative Tools Online

At TechQuest STEM Academy, we will put you through the technology that can be used to support central activities of collaborative learning is vast and varied, it is often lumped together under a single label: collaboration tools.

Digital Marketing Online

Take charge of your business with our digital marketing course online. You get to learn in how to push out products and brands and take over the digital space.

Frontend Web Development

Learn to build structured and attractive websites satisfactory, accessible, responsive o the end user.

Backend Web Development

Learn to build complex websites that are database-driven websites and web applications for the end-user. 

Data Analytics

Learn to create accurate machine learning models and different data science tools to explore and manipulate data for analysis and implementation in any area.

Mobile App Development

Learn to create versatile and quality mobile applications for the consumer using Flutter.

ICE: Innovation, Creativity, & Entertainment

This is where technology meets art! Hop on the ICE program with TechQuest and learn how to apply technology in the art space of entertainment and creativity. 

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Learn to protect computer and networks from intruders to prevent information disclosure, theft of, or damage to data.