On Saturday 20th of June, 2020 at 3:30pm WAT, TechQuest Mentor Dapo Sosanya hosted another webinar by TechQuest; Exploring Space Science.

Dapo discussed the space and the universe with pre-teens and teens, introducing them to various concepts. He addressed;

  1. What space is, why we explore space and the terms used to describe space
  2. The methods of space exploration and
  3. Learn about professionals and cool technologies used in space

Dapo Sosanya is an Electrical Engineer and a Certified Automation Professional. He works for Rockwell Automation, and he is responsible for supporting manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverages companies with automatic hardware, software and digitization systems to help the production of quality products.

Dapo has been fascinated by space “what lies beyond the skies” as a kid. The advent of the internet has helped fuel his passion for understanding our solar system and the technologies and scientific methods involved in its exploration.

He is also a tech hobbyist and a maker, he builds electronics, embedded systems and computer programs.

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