Finella Iams – FESP Mentor


Finella Iams



South Sudan



I am a professional business and entrepreneurship trainer, Since 2011, I have trained over 500,000 women who are engaged in business today in South Sudan, couch, market operational research, value chain specialist and product development, excellent in project management and also provide training -financial management training for non-finance managers. Specialize in fundraising on women economic Empowerment. Currently running Shea butter value chain by women covering South Sudan and Uganda with funding from Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), Creating employment for youth and women in South Sudan with funding from International trade centre. Being a result-oriented person has made stand out and always be nominated or appointed to business, entrepreneurship, leading project teams in South Sudan and the Region.


Sector Experience

  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Education & Training
  • Finance
  • Import / Export
  • Logistics Services



  • Business Development and Administration
  • Accounting for Startups and Financial Management
  • Fundraising and Investor Relations
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Product Design and Development
  • Business Leadership
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Business Management Tools(software and online tools to automate business management)


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Instagram/Twitter - Fin@iams