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Harrison Godspower has over 5years of post-graduate working experience in Information Technology and Business Administration. Currently, he is a Data Analyst and Special Assistant to the Group Managing Director (GMD) at ENL Consortium Limited, where he focuses on processing various forms of data to offer analyses that enable management to make an informed decision. As a Special Assistant, he organized management meetings, prepares agenda and other reports were necessary while also ensuring that managers at different levels of the organization follow through with their obligations by offering reminders, scrutinizing documents to ensure conformity with required specifications and render supports when required. He also actively participates in all business development processes of the company and supports the GMD to oversee all ongoing projects of the company.

Before joining ENL, He has worked with both the private sector and affiliates to government entities on a consultancy basis in the area of information technology and security, including fleets management and technical support for security agencies in different parts of Nigeria. He is a skilful negotiator, investigator, business strategist, excellent communicator, and possesses strong organizing and analytical skills, and very computer savvy.

Harrison Godspower holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Niger Delta University which he obtained in 2014, alongside a Project Management Certification (PMP) and Project Management for Development Professional (PMDP) in 2015; which focuses on projects with or without physical / non-tangible deliverables like promoting community social/behavioural changes. He is currently an MBA student at the University of South Wales, UK. As a volunteer in Hannah Health Care Initiative (NGO), He has participated in aiding women suffering from fertility-related illnesses to access the needed help and treatment by collaborating with other NGO team members. As a health enthusiast, he actively promotes fitness by pioneering a hiking group based in the FCT and ensures regular hiking activities on a bi-monthly basis.

Harrison Godspower is driven by the passion to aid people’s development by providing the required information from various data sources to enable informed decision making. He believes that people tend to make better decisions when armed with the right information and this has motivated his career choice in merging the strength of information technology’s data processing abilities with healthy business development practices, procedures, and principles to help executives make informed and better decisions.


Sector Experience

  • Commerce
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Import / Export
  • Logistics Services
  • Tourism
  • Transport



  • Business Management and Administration
  • Product Design and Development
  • Business Leadership


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Instagram/Twitter - @harrysoftpro