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Happiness C. Boms currently serves as President/Executive Director for Greene Happy Home Care Nigeria. I am the co-founder and the organization is registered in 2017. I have a Postgraduate in Business Studies /Management from Rivers State University of Science and Technology, 2006. I have held a number of management positions, including Women & Youth Leader, Project Director, Human Resource Manager, Administrative Officer, Secretary, Presently the co-founder and Director in Greene Happy Home Care Nigeria, a registered private economic development organization for rural women and girls empowerment, established in 2017.

Most recently, Work Training and Development with rural and undeveloped city women on Technology’s development youth video: https://youtu.be/ttHLHrR8KxA, https://youtu.be/iNGHQMrhd5I
Research and Media Interview of Previous Work: https://youtu.be/CEo7F7A2r98, https://youtu.be/BmfJWOAMJOw, https://youtu.be/FEj7EMa1Mc0, https://youtu.be/nVYfvw3aBxE, https://youtu.be/HehONQvH8x, www.120under40.org/nominee/happiness-chijiago-boms

My responsibility in this organization is Leadership and Capacity Building in Agriculture, Training and development to rural women economic Empowerment of different community. I manage a team in planning and executing business programs and I control expenses within allotted budgets, Ensure that Women training delivered meet quality standards. I am giving them training in Agriculture livestock to enable them have their own entrepreneurship management In Nigeria. Advocacy on Health, and Support visionary gender equity. Transforming and promote economic value in various communities through programs, that Advance the livelihood of women, addressing economic development through creating a significant social-economic improvement in Capacity Building in Agriculture, Skills Acquisition. The overall aim is wealth creation using Programs that fights against families struggling, hunger and Disease to eradicate poverty. We build economic resiliency in low-income communities by increasing worker ownership. I have a passion to work in nonprofit programs. I have a capacity-building management workshop program With Plan international USA on Global Women in Management program in South Africa 2015, I am an Alumni of Women Lead Institute, Alumni, She Lead Africa and She Means Business Alumni, Member of International Trade Centre of She trade in commonwealth. I have worked with different Sector and led the organization through a period of major growth, resulting in a network of social media, digital technology eco system, developing different area of communities. Since then, I have been a consultant, a Mentor and thought leader in the growing field of worker co-development in low-income communities. I provide leadership, and skills acquisation for enterprenours and business opportunities, contributing to strategic planning, seeking to maximize the potential opportunists that are in line with empowerment possibilities. I review the initiatives base on expertise and experience engaged in skills acquisition for women development. I play a key role in Agriculture training, Entrepreneurs development training and Digital Technology Advancement program for youth and women. I maintain an open communication system in various communities. I have trained women in Entrepreneurship and Technology new ere age, free computer training, Adult education and Health care, which has been much gainful and great achievement to the women in the society and I gained different knowledge and experience in Administrative, Personnel and Business Management jobs.


Sector Experience:

  • Agriculture
  • Education & Training
  • Fishing



  • Business Leadership
  • Sales and Business Development


Social Media Links:

LinkedIn – https://ng.linkedin.com/in/happiness-c-boms-36215063

Instagram/Twitter – @Greenehhc

Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/www.ghhcare/

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboo4z3D7oalCRcO6dXgEKw