Juliana Dabira – FESP Mentor


Juliana Dabira



South Sudan



I am a business driver with entrepreneurial instinct and clarity of vision, distinguished by a passion for business and commitment to empowering communities especially women and youth. I have leveraged my entrepreneurial skills to inspire community engagement and provide access to self-employment opportunities as a consultant and brand ambassador with Oriflame Sweden. A catalyst for business growth and entrepreneurship, Oriflame is a natural cosmetics brand empowering communities to improve their livelihoods by onboarding other girls as brand ambassadors. I am the helm of the company growth and expansion in South Sudan. I spearhead marketing, sales development, and logistics operations. I have tapped into the power of the brand to mentor and engage young women to be their own bosses by serving as Oriflame ambassadors.


Sector Experience

  • Media & Communication
  • Telecommunications services
  • Tourism



  • Sales and Business Development


Social Media Links

Instagram/Twitter - @juliana_siapai