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Get on the road to remote work in tech

Make the right move with the right in demand skill today. Pick any of our available courses in ensemble and start learning with us on the 6th of June, 2022 at our prime learning hub with a community.

Frontend Web Development

Learn to build structured and attractive websites satisfactory, accessible, responsive o the end user.

Backend Web Development

Learn to build complex websites that are database-driven websites and web applications for the end-user.

Data Analytics

Learn to create accurate models and different tools to explore and manipulate data for analysis and implementation.

Mobile App Development

Learn to create versatile and quality mobile applications for the consumer using Flutter.

Take any of the above courses for ₦350,000 only and get certified in 8 weeks

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

All in one service in on place

Prime Study Location

We have a big new learning hub at No. 3 Ahmid Balogun, Off Laura Stephen Rd, Lekki II, Lagos.

Internships Available

We also have internships available for qualifies participants. Terms and conditions applied

Refreshments available

TechQuest provides refreshment for every participant on every training day.

Career Fair

Get face to face with recruiters from tech corporations and our career fair during the program.


You do not have to pay it all at once. TechQuest gives you the option to pay in installments.


We are also offering to help you get job placements in tech companies with recommendations.

Communal Learning

You get a community of people to learn with and access to our various communities across the country.

networking opportunity

You get to meet different kinds of people and build profiting relationships for your career.