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Do not forget about the app! Have you been able to download the Mission-T App? If not, you can download it on the Play store OR Apple store.

While signing up, please endeavour to use numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and alphanumeric for your passwords. E.g.: MissionT@2028

To learn more about the Mision-T APP, go to https://tqstem.org/productsandprojects/mission-tapp/


Link to the content resources: https://bit.ly/Mission-TResources

Slides: https://bit.ly/Mission-TSlides

TechQuest is a non-governmental organisation created to bridge existing gaps between Africans and opportunities that abound in the digital space with digital skills, tools and resources. 

IHS is a private company that provides mission-critical telecommunications infrastructure to customers and facilitates mobile communications coverage for almost 600 million people.

Send us a dm for any enquiries or an email at info@tqstem.org