The four-week long Mission-T Summer Training for Students which kicked off on the 20th July, 2020 came to an end on 14th August, 2020.

The training which recorded nearly 700 students across the 36 states and the FCT exposed the students to over 15 sessions on Mobile App Development, Web Design and Python Programming.

Participants were all given the opportunity to put what they learnt to use in developing ‘trend changing and problem solving’ tools and compete amongst themselves for the top prize.

After a rigourous review by the IHS and TechQuest judges, the top 10 projects across the 3 category were selected.

These top projects were showcased in a virtual event which took place on 10th September, 2020 and was streamed live on YouTube (https://you.tube/hvJ0_tUO2W8), participants were giving the opportunity to discuss the ‘why’ behind their project and the ‘how’ of it as well give a demo on how the project works.

The digital skills showcase recorded a total number of 145 attendees on YouTube and 26 on the Zoom platform.


The 2020 Mission-T Summer was divided into three (3) categories: Mobile App Development, Web Design and Python Programming and for each category, the top 3 projects were selected for the showcase.


  1. Sameerah Adeshina – Coronavirus Probability App
  2. Eniola Dayo-Obatewose – Translator App
  3. Oluwaferanmi Awe – Calculator App


  1. Sandra Okodugha – AdeoriByEbun Crochet Hair Extension website
  2. Mariam Adeshina – Youth Journal
  3. Doyinsolami Olumuyiwa – Special Forex Hub
  4. Brian Adelye – Soccer Star Academy


  1. Shalom Ovwigho – Football Adventure Game
  2. Micheal Ogunleye – Hangman Game
  3. Baldwin Adeleye – Ivy (A Password Generator)

The training and showcase was facilitated by TechQuest STEM Academy.