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Mission -T is Nigeria’s first teaching app that provides indigenous STEM and ICT content to the secondary school teachers.

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Join the thousands of learners and teachers who prefer learning digital skills using the Mission-T app with 100s of in-house curated DIY video-based learning content.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Everyone. While our primary target users are educators and teachers in secondary schools, you could also use the app to improve yourself and those around you. Please feel free to tell us about how the app is being used in your country.

The current courses on the app are Scratch programming, Digital electronics (Basic – Advanced), Robotics, Computer Science education, mobile app development, web design and web development.

This depends on your previous exposure to the courses. The courses are classified based on difficulty (basic, intermediate and advanced). If you do not have a previous exposure, we recommend that you start with a course in the basic category

The app is primarily targeted at secondary school teachers.

Lessons you have once opened and accessed are available

Downloaded lessons and modules can be accessed offline later. Ensure that a lesson be
downloaded is completely downloaded before trying to access it without internet. You
can access all your downloads in your downloads menu.

No. Teachers write tests to test their comprehension and understanding of the lessons in each subject.

• Launch the app.
• Search for the video/Course you wish to download and tap on the
desired video.
• Tap on the down arrow download button and choose the quality of the video.
• Tap on quality of the video and your video will start downloading.

You can access your downloaded content at the download icon at the footer page of the app and you can also access it through the following methods: launch the default File Manager app and tap it
Inside the My Files app, tap “Downloads.”

No. Content downloaded once are available on your device continuously until you delete it. The downloaded content would remain on your device until you delete.


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