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2018 Easter Camp

TechQuest, Nigeria’s foremost Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training organization for kids, is pleased to announce the opening of its flagship program, the TechQuest Easter Camps.

TechQuest Easter Camp is an intensive 2-week Information Technology training program designed for primary and secondary school children aged 6 – 16. Participants will learn the fundamentals of web design, animation, robotics, game design, 3D printing, and 3D design as well as drones into its Easter camp curriculum using tools such as Google CSFirst and a curriculum that is cutting edge.

We need to develop a maker culture in our young ones and tilt the balance of technology consumption in favour of its production by Nigerians for Nigerians. This goal starts by giving the Nigerian child the necessary STEM education, a journey which TechQuest started in 2015.

Over the years, TechQuest has pioneered FREE coding programs for Nigerian children, amongst it is the partnership with Hon Desmond Elliot in 2016 where 1000 kids were trained for FREE by TechQuest.

Being at the forefront of STEM education in Nigeria, TechQuest has identified the gap in maker skills amongst our young ones and has taken a step in lessening this gap. “As a not for profit organization, dedicated to increasing access of the less privileged to STEM education, we plan to reach 1,000,000 African children by 2020. This will be done as FREE sponsored programs, national STEM competitions, weekend clubs and Summer Camps. We consider STEM education a right of every child”.