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IHS’ Learn At Work Week 2019

IHS’ Learn At Work Week, was a workshop handled by TechQuest STEM Academy to introduce the staff of IHS Towers, Lagos and Ibadan to new and emerging technologies and how they can adopt this in their everyday work. Here is a high-level report of the engagement which should also serve as the close-out documentation of the engagement.

Technologies Introduced

Day 1: Tuesday – 14/05/2019: 3D Modelling and Printing

Attendees were introduced to how to create models using various software especially Windows’ 3D Builder and Tinkercad. IHS Key holders were designed together with the participants, and they oversaw the 3D printing process from start to finish. Affordable printers were recommended on Amazon for those interested in using the technology more.

Day 2: Wednesday – 15/05/2019: Introduction to Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Participants experienced how VR and AR technologies superimpose on the immediate environment. A scenario was simulated with VR, teaching participants to safely extinguish a fire in an industrial facility safely, without being in one. The use case mostly deliberated on at the event was its potential use in training for IHS staff members.

Day 3: Thursday – 16/05/2019: Mobile App Development with App Inventor

We live in a mobile world. Attendees of the App Inventor class were introduced to block-based Android app development. The interactive session ensured that every attendee built their own mobile apps, and they also uploaded the app they built to their Android mobile devices.

Day 4: Friday – 17/05/2019: Drone Technology

Participants did a tour of the training hall with banners of the various use cases of Drone Technology on the wall. The focus was on the use case in an IHS facility and inspecting towers. Participants learned to fly a drone and they took an aerial view recording of themselves in the IHS towers with the Drone (Video available).