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Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) Hackathon

JAN Hackathon is an event aimed at promoting innovation in Nigeria. It is designed to be a 48- hour hackathon where different young developers with technical backgrounds will come together to solve persistent challenges facing JAN using “modern technologies.” The hack would occur over 2 days and all the major facilities (food, good workspace and internet) would be made available to the participants to enjoy maximum productivity.

The idea is to foster collaboration, networking, learning and building solutions that would enhance JAN’s impact on its young beneficiaries. The best team with the most comprehensive solution will win prizes and a one-year contract to work with JAN and the Digital Transformation Committee to implement some of the digital solutions outlined for JAN by the committee.


  • To give participants the opportunity to expand their thinking so as to create innovative solutions
  • To foster collaboration, teamwork and creative problem-solving amidst young developers
  • To create solutions to persistent challenges facing JAN
  • To document and enhance the impact of JAN programs on its beneficiaries
  • To provide career opportunities for young developers seeking to make a difference in Nigeria
  • To expose JAN staff and board members to new and creative solutions