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LMLG Digital Skills Training

The LMLG Digital Skills Training program sponsored by the Lagos Mainland Local Government, Lagos state, is a STEM/Digital Literacy intervention to introduce different groups of youths and staff to Digital Literacy Education in the Local Government.

Different categories of the local government residents and workers participate in the monthly training occurring at the Local Government’s ICT centres.

Trained Groups

Group 1: Secondary students were trained in basic computer appreciation skills with a special introduction to block-based programming with Scratch.

Group 2: Out-of-secondary-school students were also trained in basic computer appreciation and Microsoft office. They were also introduced to the fundamentals of digital marketing and how to launch effective online campaigns

Group 3 (Batches A, B, C): The Local Government staff and executives were trained in Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook), skills to enable them to do their work efficiently, how to communicate with emails and general professional etiquette.

Subsequent Groups: In response to the lockdown and for the foreseeable future, the program now runs online to eligible local government members.