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Mission – T is an IHS initiative dedicated to improving the STEM narrative in Nigeria. The program was launched as part of the IHS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts to fostering the growth of the local communities. Our goal with the Mission – T program is to introduce about 60,000 secondary students in 10 states to Digital Literacy / STEM Education. like Computer Science Practical Education, Website Development, Games and Animation Design, Digital Electronics and Robotics. We believe that introducing these students to STEM early is essential to developing their problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills; which provides a solution to the relevant technical skill gap the world faces and that Nigeria can supply for a better tomorrow.


1. Teachers Academy: A training programme for teacher development that aims to improve the capacity of educators. The programme holds in geopolitical zones, and combines both physical and online training of teachers to upskill them and prepare them for the classroom engagement phase, at no cost to them.

2. Classroom Engagement: An initiative to improve basic ICT, coding and robotics skills of students in Nigerian secondary schools and provide them with early access to skills required for present and future STEM-related endeavours. Classroom Engagement began in the first term of the 2019/2020 Academic session and continues into the third term of the academic session.

3. Technovation Challenge: An engaging platform where students will showcase the skills, they have acquired by competing for the Technovation price. Each school/team will receive funding to develop a tech-based project with which they will enter for the competition.

4. Tech Entrepreneur: This initiative aims to provide enterprise support for the winning tech teams from the Technovation Challenge. The school-based tech business will run as a social enterprise and the ownership will reside with the management of each school.

5. Ideas Incubation: The last stage of the Mission-T programme. The aim is to breathe life into innovative (social) tech ideas from the Tech Entrepreneur project. The objective of the programme is to select and incubate viable business ideas, which IHS or any other interested organisation can pick up and scale as a business idea.