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Train 1000 kids Ebutte-meta

Computer Programming is paramount in the modern world, and it will only continue developing over time. Gadgets and software is a way forward for many children in the other parts of the world, and we feel it is our duty to ensure that the willingness and passion for technology, gadgets and software increases among Nigerian kids, and eventually the whole of Africa.

Our course curriculum is fully broken down into modules to allow a full hands-on experience for the kids. TechQuest partnered with Lagos Mainland Local Government to deliver STEM training to 1000 kids in Ebutte-Meta.

Our engaging and exciting Scratch sessions will teach children how to make mobile game apps and animations. Also, they learnt Introduction to Web Development.

The training imbibes great skills and a passion for the latest mobile platforms and games in the kids. Whilst they learn to develop their own mobile game, they will even have the chance to take their game home!