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Web Design

Web design is a great way to introduce coding to kids. It is the basis of all website out there in the world, including this one. After a kid has learned the basics of programming through Games and Animation design, the next step is to begin creating websites through the use of 3 very important languages; HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.


HTML, also known as HyperText Markup Language is that secret language used to organize our text file. It is the language that helps our browsers to understand the display the website files. Cascading Stylesheets (or CSS) allows us to set the styling (colors, fonts, overall feel) for our website, making it as attractive and as easy to use for its visitors as possible. JAVASCRIPT (or JS) gives us the ability to alter the behavior of our website through the visitors' actions. With these 3 broken down, our students understand better what makes up the internet and how they can use it for their future endeavors.