TQ DIY Electronic Starter Kit With Arduino Uno and 20 Components.


Components include: Arduino UNO & USB connector, Bread Board, 9V Battery, Battery cap, Thermistor, Light Emitting Diodes, Jumper Wires, Push Buttons, Resistors, Potentiometer, Variable Resistor, Light Dependent Resistor, Capacitor, Transistor, Terminal Block, Switch, Timer NE555, Temperature Sensor, Buzzer, Piezoelectric Speaker……….Each box sold will enable us deliver 2 hours ICT training to a Nigerian kid.

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Product Description

The TQ Electronics Starter Kit helps you delve into the wonderful world of electronics and embedded systems. It helps you create systems which have real life applications and can be applicable in real life systems.

The kit comes with a manual which provides a step by step guide to learn the art of electronics using the starter kit. The manual uses a project based approach, beginning from small basic electronics project to embedded systems project. The manual contains over 10 projects.

The purpose of the TQ ElecSttronics Starter Kit is to give a starter introduction to electronics and embedded systems using the Arduino Board, it also offers introduction to the C programming language.

The manual follows a basic approach. Without making assumptions of prior knowledge, every concept used is explained properly, and every external resource that will be needed for better understanding is properly stipulated.

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