We know that parents lives are constantly bombarded with information regarding their children’s education. Lately, schools have tried to implement a lot of STEM Education into their classrooms – but there is simply not enough time to delve deeply enough into these subjects. At TechQuest, we offer STEM camps such as Robotics, Programming, and Engineering that allows kids to further investigate STEM subjects. To understand STEM summer Camps, we want to first explain what is STEM Education.

  • What Is STEM Education? STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The goal is to prepare students for the future careers in fields involving science, math, and technology. In an increasingly competitive world, kids need a stronger foundation in mathematics and science – not only for their careers but for future interest in entrepreneurship as well.
  • STEM Promotes Math and Science Proficiency: Studies have shown that children immersed in the STEM core subjects from a young age perform better in math and science than those who are not exposed to STEM education. In addition, anecdotal evidence has shown that children immersed in STEM education graduate from high school in greater percentages and often go on to follow math or science in college and later in careers.

At TechQuest summer camp, kids can immerse themselves in a variety of STEM subjects, such as engineering camp, where 3D Printing – a necessity for many future engineering careers – is introduced to students along with 3D modeling software.

  • Learning Computer Languages: Early exposure to programming languages teaches children how to bridge the digital and physical worlds – for example in our LEGO robotics summer camp, kids not only learn to design their robot but program it using a graphical programming language – thus visually connecting the commands they write to the result on the robot. As kids progress, they can learn more complex programming languages including Python, Java, and C. We are also in the age of the Internet of Things, where all household items are becoming “smart” and integrate with our smartphones, our homes, and our cars – necessitating an increasing need for our children to be technologically savvy. By nature, our children are extremely curious and are capable of learning these technologies on their own, but at TechQuest, we guide them to a more complete understanding of any subject matter they’re interested in. Programming – while taught rote might seem boring – but at TechQuest, we combine programming with fun projects such as modding a game, creating a virtual simulation, or teaching a drone to fly – in order to show students both the real world applications of programming and to inspire them into tech fields.

To talk more about STEM, or learn about our summer camps with engineering, robotics and programming components, or anything else, please contact us. We look forward to helping you prepare the children in your life for the challenges of their future.