It’s the summer holidays again. The kids are back home stuck to the TV all day and  complaining how bored they get. Rather than let them spend the entire summer playing with friends, why not send them to our coding camps?

TechQuest Summer Camp offers the kids a chance to explore an interest in web design,robotics programming, game design, or animation in a social environment.

The kids will learn how to collaborate with others as they work on creative projects designed to help them level up their tech interests. Our summer camp tutor are tech enthusiasts well grounded in programming with an experience working with kids.

For parents who are new to the idea of programming classes for kids, here are some answers to a few common questions and reservations you might have.

Is my Child Ready?

Our camps are open for kids aged 6-16 years, and our learning systems are run using the Montessori system, with clusters of kids of similar ages.

The classes  don’t require any prior experience with the program, just an interest in learning to code! Kids as young as 5 have passed through our coding classes and excelled at the projects handed over to them.

Each of our camps is designed around creativity and exploration. During camp sessions your child will learn, build, and play with the other kids and the tutors, sharing projects, ideas, and feedback.

They will have the opportunity to get help if they need it and to share what they know with others. By the end of the week your child will have created a few projects of their own and made a lot of new friends.

What will they be taught?

The kids will learn how to make basic websites using HTML, animation and graphic design using scratch,  motion coding of robotics and computing with raspberry pi.

Each of the camps will run for two weeks, with a total of four batches(July 17th to 8th September). The first batch will start on the 17th of July and run to 28th July.

Hurry now to register your child and give them a wonderful summer of learning and fun.