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On May 18th and 19th, 50 teachers from Edo State participated in the Mission-T workshop at the Edo State Secretariat. These teachers were introduced to the Mission-T app which is a very easy-to-use app for anyone willing to learn STEM. The teachers were eager to try out some of the courses on the app, and we’re proud that they were amongst the few chosen teachers within their state to receive training under the project.

Mission-T project (an Initiative of IHS Towers being implemented by TechQuest STEM Academy) is a project designed to empower teachers across various states in Nigeria with STEM education and better teaching strategies for them to equip their students better in STEM subjects. The project which kicked off in Lagos has also been implemented in Abuja, Osun State, and now Edo State.

Most of the teachers interviewed believed that there is a need for the Mission-T app in schools, and volunteered to participate in the planning and deployment of Mission-T. They said this was necessary for students to better understand technological science which is vital to their future careers. They also said it will help students learn faster than before as it will aid them in mastering their lessons. It was further revealed that they were well-disposed to collaborate with TechQuest STEM Academy and IHS Towers on the project.

It is now clear that the poor penetration of ICT related subjects in Nigeria’s educational system is holding our students back from participating effectively in a global economy. In order to allow our future generation to be able to fully participate, it is critical for schools across all states to educate teachers about technology and how it can be utilized to enhance students’ learning. TechQuest STEM Academy and IHS Towers are committed to increasing the number of schools being taught these lessons and will continue to take the Mission-T initiative across the country progressing with our next stop, which is Akwa Ibom State.

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