Hi TechQuest Community!

Between March 30th and 31st 2022, IHS and TechQuest concluded a two-day training program for educators from Osun State in southern Nigeria. The workshop focused on how to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) skills among students as a way to improve the state’s educational sector.

To meet the national goal of creating a technologically competent Nigeria, Osun State Government supported the training event that reached more than 400 secondary school teachers across the state. In his opening remarks, the Commissioner for Education, 

Hon Jamiu Babatunde Olawumi, stated that “today’s modern age is dominated by technology, and there is universal recognition of the need to employ information and communication technology in education as we move into a globalized age.” He welcomed the 409 participants to the training event and praised IHS and TechQuest Academy for organizing the training session.

Participants learned best practices for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics and were equipped with resources to reach out to their students. They were very excited about the project and were able to build websites from knowledge acquired during the event and from the Mission-T App.

They expressed their satisfaction and wished the event could go on forever.

We believe these efforts will have a positive effect on Osun State and its students, who will lead all sectors in knowledge gained while in school.

Other special guests of honour at the event included Special Adviser to the Gov on Education, Mr Ayodele A O.

Deputy Director of Planning Research and Statistics and Mr. A A Olunlade from the Quality Assurance department of the Ministry of Education. Key officials from IHS and TechQuest present at the event included 

Atanda Kayode the Community Relation Specialist-IHS, Adebisi Adesina

Regional Council specialist-IHS, John Isiekwene Manager, Sustainability, IHS

and Adeola Adediran Operations Executive, TechQuest STEM Academy.

The Mission-T project, which had previously been implemented in Lagos and Abuja and now Osun state, has empowered over 2,000 teachers and is set to move to another state for another implementation. 

We appreciate the support of federal, state, and local bodies that ensured the success of the projects in their areas. 

We deeply appreciate the efforts of the staff and volunteers at TechQuest and IHS who dedicated themselves to achieving goals of the project.