Hi TechQuest Community!

On the 18th of February, TechQuest concluded an IHS sponsored 2-Day intensive workshop on ICT in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. 

The training,which started in Lagos has now been implemented in Abuja with plans to move to other states of the federation in bid of achieving a big milestone with the novel app called Mission-T in partnership with IHS. The app is designed for teachers to learn and integrate information and communication technologies (ICT) into their core subjects at schools. This partnership has a series of events that are expected to be hosted across various cities.

“We are not stopping now, especially after getting so much useful feedback from these teachers,” says Dr. Itoro Emembelu, Executive Director at TechQuest Academy. “For us to raise more ICT geniuses from our secondary schools, we must reach more teachers, and that is why IHS has decided to help us visit more states.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the organisation, including its recent workshop and training sessions for young women and youths. 

Present at the workshop was HOD Science, Tech & Mathematics, Senior Education Board, Mr Walter Uko, who commended the joint efforts of the organisations towards ensuring learning equity for Northern teachers who didn’t have access to sufficient learning resources in teaching ICT related subjects. 

To learn more about the Mision-T APP, go to https://tqstem.org/productsandprojects/mission-tapp/.

TechQuest is a non-governmental organisation created to bridge existing gaps between Africans and opportunities that abound in the digital space with digital skills, tools and resources. 

IHS is a private company that provides mission-critical telecommunications infrastructure to customers and facilitates mobile communications coverage for almost 600 million people.

Send us a dm for any enquiries or an email at info@tqstem.org