Covid-19 came and disrupted our usual way of life, as humans, we are known for winding our guards down and adjusting to change. However, with the continuation of the pandemic, now more than ever, the knowledge of technology has become more important to everyone globally. This whole new shift in ways of working, learning and doing things has become a significant factor in ensuring that people are able to sustain themselves. As people of impact, we thus feel it is our duty to ensure that the knowledge, willingness and passion for technology and software increases amongst young people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

“At TechQuest, we provide an array of tech courses; Web development, Robotics, App development, Online safety and digital electronics, for young people across Nigeria, we are available both online and in-person, making sure that nothing is a barrier”.

We are officially announcing our Summer camp 2021!!!!!!! Are you excited?? I am sure you do!

This summer, we are bringing to you carefully picked courses that young people can choose from. Courses that widen their minds and lead us to the goal of equipping our young ones and teens with the basic knowledge of technology. 

The summer camp can be attended either online and offline. The offline experience will take place in, Lekki, Yaba, Ikeja, Abuja and Enugu. We are bringing to you carefully picked, engaging, practical and exciting courses that will teach your children (pre-teens and teenagers) online safety, that robot you have dreamt of building, mobile app development, digital electronics and website development and design.

For more information check our website, take the next step and 

Register now for the Summer Camp 2021 with this link: TechQuest 2021 Online Summer Camp – TechQuest (

How to register:

1. click the link

2. Scroll down the page, till you see ONLINE and LEKKI, click on the ONLINE which will take you to a page to fill in your information.

3. Lastly make payment and wait for your confirmation email.

TechQuest, will be in contact with you through out the summer camp.