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Ever heard of Cybersecurity? 

Of course, you have. Because Cybersecurity is a hot topic, it’s important to stand out if you want to work in the field.

The launch of the “TechQuest Cyber-Security Program” is something that TechQuest is proud of and eager to announce. We are very excited about this.

The field of cybersecurity is anticipated to expand by 10% every year through 2025. You may obtain a thorough grasp of the field and master the principles needed to pass industry certification exams like CompTIA Security+, EC Council’s CSA, and others with the TechQuest Cybersecurity Program.

Step up your career alternatives and job prospects by registering for the Cybersecurity program at tqstem.org/courses/cybersecurity right away. Our need to be protected against cyberattacks and cyber terrorists grows as we depend more on digital technology in our homes and workplaces, which is why there is an increasing demand for cyber security professionals.

Apply now to join our league of “Cyber Warriors”. As you progress through our curriculum and explore the fascinating world of Cybersecurity, you will be able to apply for jobs and internships.

Apply for the program today, and come one step closer to boosting your career in the rapidly increasing sector of Cybersecurity. We will begin the program on September 5, 2022.

If you are still unsure or simply want to learn more, we invite you to our very own event. TechQuest is hosting a virtual Cybersecurity conference titled “Raising Cyber Warriors“. If you want to pursue a career in cybersecurity, you should attend our online conference.

Date: 25th august, 2022

Time: 10:00 AM

To be a part of this event, go ahead and RSVP now.

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