Building a Community of STEM Educators in Nigeria Using the TeachAKid2Code Program

The paper we presented at the 48th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning that held in Bangkok, Thailand last year has been published.

Educators at a Community Hangout in Lagos


Research studies show an insufficient number of STEM educators needed to meet the young population in Nigeria’s STEM skills needs. This paper outlines the design of a learning and teaching framework using online technologies for STEM volunteers to enable the delivery of STEM outreach activities across 7 states in Nigeria. The study addresses the barrier of an insufficient number of STEM educators and lack of access to meet the demand of training young people requiring STEM skills. Using a constructionist approach and a connectivism learning theory, the study adopts a combination of a MOOC model and direct instruction using online resources to teach and train volunteers to deliver and facilitate STEM outreach activities to young children in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. 215 volunteers were trained and 69 STEM volunteers were successfully paired in 63 schools to deliver STEM outreach activities to 5252 young people over the course of 3 months.